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Marketing plan, communications strategy, branding, tagline, ads, brochure, signage, dealer displays, trade show display, website, emails, and social media.


To increase Jaylor market share through very aggressive sales objectives and distinctly set them apart from other TMR mixer companies.


Complete restructuring of their corporate branding, starting with dealer research and writing a marketing plan, which is a service seldom offered by agencies. Once the marketing and communication strategies were developed, a completely distinctive brand identity, complete with a new positioning of the company as the leading authority on bovine and beef nutrition was created. This resulted in the new corporate theme line; “Because Nutrition Matters®”. Pushing boundaries further, a fresh new ad campaign that currently has widespread North American distribution was developed, with impending global exposure. A website, social media set-up, corporate brochure, and trade show displays and promotional elements completed the new corporate positioning and branding package.


In each of the three years this campaign has been running, Jaylor has significantly exceeded their very aggressive sales targets. As a result, Jaylor has made a strong statement within the Dairy and Beef herd markets in North America.